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Wade and Barbee Reagor married in 1967 and began their adventure together in the restaurant business at the Frio Canyon Lodge in downtown Leakey. In 1974, with their fourth child on the way, they took a hiatus from the business to raise a growing family and moved to Mill Creek. By 1975, there were five Reagor kids who spent their days running around the ranch, working in the family garden, and jumping off rocks into their favorite swimming hole in Mill Creek. Every night, they gathered around their table and enjoyed a home cooked meal.

In 1986, the first of the five kids entered college and the Reagors jumped back into the restaurant business with the Frio Canyon Restaurant. This time there was a built-in workforce consisting of the Reagor siblings. Seventeen years and lots of college tuition money later, Wade and Barbee decided to retire.

However, retirement was short-lived. Once the restaurant business is in your blood, it stays. On June 8, 2011, after ten years of retirement, Barbee and Wade were at it again at Mill Creek Cafe.

The Mill Creek is a tributary to the east prong of the Frio River. They built their log home with the help of friends and family and many wonderful memories were made there. They were busy all day working and playing. The dinner table was the place to slow down, catch up, and enjoy each other’s company. That’s what Mill Creek Cafe is for you – it is your place to slow down, catch up, and enjoy!

Thank you for dining with us at Mill Creek Cafe. We hope your experience is as memorable and enjoyable as when we gathered at our table every night at Mill Creek.

- Wade and Barbee Reagor

Daily Lunch Buffets
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10 oz. RibEye, Baked Potato or Fries, trip to the Salad Bar.
Starts 5 PM, $15,99


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